Ragnarök tree

Pre-Ragnarök included Lasse Wester, Anders Fridhed and poet Jan Thuresson.

Group 1 1972-1978

Henrik Strindberg: Flute, Saxophone, Guitars, Staffan Strindberg: Bass. Peter Bryngelsson: Gitar. Peder Nabo: Guitar, Flute. Liselott Larsen: vocals. \
The first group had seven drummers before Thomas Wiegert finally accepted. These seven were Anders Brändewall, Kjell Bjurenius, Mikael Svanevik, Kim Hortay, Mats Kristiansson, Stefan Idemark and Lars Peter Sörensson. \
Pianist Kjell Norling participated for a short period.

Grupp 2 1978-1980

Peter Bryngelsson: Bass, Guitar. Thomas Wiegert: Drums. Dan Söderqvist: Guitar. Peder Nabo: Piano, Flute. Kjell Karlgren: Saxophone, Piano. Ingmar Ljungström participated for a short period.

Grupp 3 1980-1982

Peter Bryngelsson: Guitar. Kjell Karlgren: Saxophone, Piano. Thomas Wiegert: Drums. Magnus Jarlbo: Trumpet, Piano. Per Andersson: Bass. A version of this group was P.B,K.K,T.W, and Lars Liljegren on piano, Organ and Peter Breife on Bass

Grupp 4 1982-1983

Peter Bryngelsson: Guitar, vocals. Kjell Karlgren: Saxophone, Bass, vocals. Thomas Wiegert: Drums. Dan Jonsson: Guitar. Lars Liljegren: Marimba, Organ

Grupp 5 1983-1995?

Thomas Wiegert: Drums. Kjell Karlgren: Saxophone, Keyboard. Kent Ohlsson: vocals, Guitar. 

A total of 27 musicians have participated in Ragnarök and performed c:a 800 concerts in nine countries and released five albums.

Grupp 6 2003-

Henrik Strindberg: Electric Guitar, Staffan Strindberg: Bass. Peter Bryngelsson: Guitars. Peder Nabo: Piano, Guitars, Flute. Drums: Thomas Wiegert / Mikael Svanevik
This close to original version of Ragnarök has since they reunited released two CD:s.