Ragnarök performed for the first time in Kalmar, Sweden 1972. The members were Peter Bryngelsson (guit), Anders Brändewall (drms), Lise Larsen (voc), Henrik Strindberg (guit, fl, sax), Staffan Strindberg (el-bass) and Lasse Wester (fl). Ragnarök became professionals in 1975. At this time the members were Peter Bryngelsson, Stefan Idemark (drms), Peder Nabo (pno, fl, guit), Henrik Strindberg and Staffan Strindberg. The first album was recorded 1976 by Anders Lind, Silence. Lars Peter Sörensson (drms) joined the group. Television documentary and a tour in 1977. Thomas Wiegert on drums. Later Ragnarök has appeared in many different constellations and a number of albums has been produced. Today the name still exists but no member of the initial group is participating. The first album was exported to the U S A. Twenty years later it was released on cd in South Corea. The Swedish cd was released the year after. On a wonderful summer evening Ragnarök made one open air concert in August 2003. Since then Ragnarök are playing approximately twice a year.