Ragnarök tree

Pre-Ragnarök included Lasse Wester, Anders Fridhed and poet Jan Thuresson.

Group 1 1972-1978

Henrik Strindberg: Flute, Saxophone, Guitars, Staffan Strindberg: Bass. Peter Bryngelsson: Gitar. Peder Nabo: Guitar, Flute. Liselott Larsen: vocals. \
The first group had seven drummers before Thomas Wiegert finally accepted. These seven were Anders Brändewall, Kjell Bjurenius, Mikael Svanevik, Kim Hortay, Mats Kristiansson, Stefan Idemark and Lars Peter Sörensson. \
Pianist Kjell Norling participated for a short period.

Grupp 2 1978-1980

Peter Bryngelsson: Bass, Guitar. Thomas Wiegert: Drums. Dan Söderqvist: Guitar. Peder Nabo: Piano, Flute. Kjell Karlgren: Saxophone, Piano. Ingmar Ljungström participated for a short period.

Grupp 3 1980-1982

Peter Bryngelsson: Guitar. Kjell Karlgren: Saxophone, Piano. Thomas Wiegert: Drums. Magnus Jarlbo: Trumpet, Piano. Per Andersson: Bass. A version of this group was P.B,K.K,T.W, and Lars Liljegren on piano, Organ and Peter Breife on Bass

Grupp 4 1982-1983

Peter Bryngelsson: Guitar, vocals. Kjell Karlgren: Saxophone, Bass, vocals. Thomas Wiegert: Drums. Dan Jonsson: Guitar. Lars Liljegren: Marimba, Organ

Grupp 5 1983-1995?

Thomas Wiegert: Drums. Kjell Karlgren: Saxophone, Keyboard. Kent Ohlsson: vocals, Guitar. 

A total of 27 musicians have participated in Ragnarök and performed c:a 800 concerts in nine countries and released five albums.

Grupp 6 2003-

Henrik Strindberg: Electric Guitar, Staffan Strindberg: Bass. Peter Bryngelsson: Guitars. Peder Nabo: Piano, Guitars, Flute. Drums: Thomas Wiegert / Mikael Svanevik
This close to original version of Ragnarök has since they reunited released two CD:s. 


as the evening passes they create a massive pressure /--/ after an inspired version of the simply wonderful "Promenader" the guitarist Henrik Strindberg cries "we were good, right?". One has only to agree.
- Dan Backman, Svenska Dagbladet 22/8 2004
This is a great masterpiece
- Japanese site on Ragnarök - http://www.pial.jp
This album has always given me a feeling of solitude for some reason and is a great piece of music to reflect on life with.
- Review by James Unger ***** ProgArchives.com
Back in the mid to late 1970’s Ragnarök began recording a series of instrumental albums that helped put progressive rock music—that classic early '70s instro prog sound originally pioneered by Bo Hansson—from Sweden on the map. After way too long away from the woods of Koppom and the ears of original Silence Records producer / engineer Anders Lind, the original Ragnarök amazingly reunited and released a 2009 CD, simply called Path. Could this be the start of a new renaissance of the classic ‘70s Ragnarök sound? Well with long time Ragnarök guitarist / visionary Peter Bryngelsson once again leading the charge, the band includes long time Ragnarök drummer Thomas Wiggert, early Ragnarök members Peder Nabo (keyboards, guitars), guitarist Henrik Strindberg (guitar) and on bass, Staffan Strindberg. Bryngelsson and Nabo did some brilliant song writing in Ragnarök back in the late ‘70s and echoing the band's progressive Swedish instrumental guitar roots are some great tracks on Path, especially the upbeat ones like “Waterlevels” and “Angel” with classic unfolding sonic waves of sound. Since the days of Bo Hansson and Samla, Sweden has always excelled with their own unique approach to guitars and especially instrumental music composers. With a compelling revival of the classic original Ragnarök instrumental rock, Peter Bryngelsson and his esteemed band mates honor the fascinating 30+ year legacy of Ragnarök on Path.
I have been aware of this album since the late 70:s but never managed to put an ear on it until the mid-90:s. It was worth the wait, I must say as from the first note on, I felt transported into this calm reflective soul-searching world.
- Review by Hugues Chantraine ****
Absolutely brilliant LP [Ragnarok from '76] from Swedish jazzy, folk-progsters Ragnorok. A beautiful LP full of great instrumental pieces all dominated by an acoustical setting and chilled out jazzy electric pianos.
- Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock
On ne s’attendait vraiment pas à voir surgir à nouveau Ragnarök en 2008. Deux albums dans les années 70 (Ragnarök en 1976, Fjärilar i ma- gen en 1979), deux autres dans les années 80 (Fata Morgana en 1981 et 3 Signs en 1983) et un dernier (pouvait- on penser) en 1991, Well, un peu à par t dans la discographie du groupe par son aspect plus expérimental sur le plan sonore. La page semblait tournée définitivement mais il ne faut jurer de rien avec le phœnix progressif, toujours capable de renaître de ses cendres par tout et à tout moment. C’est Ragnarök qui s’y colle cette fois : les glaces nordiques n’avaient donc pas réussi à éteindre les cendres. Cet album semble être un kaléidoscope qui juxtapose les différentes personnalités du groupe. Un peu comme Yes dans Fragile, chacun y va d’une ou de deux de ses compositions avant que le groupe ne se retrouve sur deux pièces collectives. Henrik Strindberg semble être la facette folk du groupe avec des pièces à la guitare acoustique alors que les compositions de Peter Bryngelsson, tout aussi climatique, reposent davantage sur la guitare élec- trique. La composition de Peder Nabo, Windows and mirrors, serait celle qui serait la plus proche d’une or thodoxie progressive, en l’occurrence ayant une filiation avec Tony Banks. Quant à Don Jonsson, c’est une facette plus bluesy du groupe. Quant aux pièces plus collective elles sonnent un peu plus expérimental. Celadit,ilyaune tonalité d’ensem- ble qui fait ressor- tir un sentiment mélancolique qui imprègne la musi- que du groupe qui plonge également ses racines dans les mélodies du folklore scandi- nave. Joli moment de sérénité splé- nétique.
- Philippe Gnana, HARMONIE Magazine n° 65

Ragnarök performed for the first time in Kalmar, Sweden 1972. The members were Peter Bryngelsson (guit), Anders Brändewall (drms), Lise Larsen (voc), Henrik Strindberg (guit, fl, sax), Staffan Strindberg (el-bass) and Lasse Wester (fl). Ragnarök became professionals in 1975. At this time the members were Peter Bryngelsson, Stefan Idemark (drms), Peder Nabo (pno, fl, guit), Henrik Strindberg and Staffan Strindberg. The first album was recorded 1976 by Anders Lind, Silence. Lars Peter Sörensson (drms) joined the group. Television documentary and a tour in 1977. Thomas Wiegert on drums. Later Ragnarök has appeared in many different constellations and a number of albums has been produced. Today the name still exists but no member of the initial group is participating. The first album was exported to the U S A. Twenty years later it was released on cd in South Corea. The Swedish cd was released the year after. On a wonderful summer evening Ragnarök made one open air concert in August 2003. Since then Ragnarök are playing approximately twice a year.