Road Map

Ragnarök Roadmap

50:th anniversary will be celebrated with the all new Road Map performance: new composed music performed live to films by Peder Nabo followed by a regular concert with some of the Ragnarök classics. 

Nov 19, 19.00
Kalmar Theatre

Re-released on vinyl

In March 2019 the first album was re-released fir the third time – this time as a limited edition on vinly. The event was covered in Dagens Nyheter and Svenska Dagbadet, the two leading Swedish newspapers.

The band from Kalmar Ragnarök's super soft jazzrock debut continues to capture listeners. Both the world famous Opeth, the hip hop group Fjärde Världen and Amanda ”Slowgold” Werne are the be found among their fans. Now the cult album form 1976 is reissued.
Georg Cederskog, Dagens Nyheter